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Road Legal Vehicles

Melex Golf Cars Pty Ltd is registered by the Dept of Transport and the NRCS as a Vehicle Importer MIB (Manufacturer Importer Builder) and have Homologated a number of vehicles for Road Legal use including electric scooters and electric golf carts in South Africa.

Our Road legal Golf Carts allow golfers to drive to the local course, play golf, drive to the shops, drive to the beach making for a great, cost-effective “2nd or 3rd vehicle”. Ideally suited for small towns, security/golf/eco estates, holiday homes and anywhere in proximity to your local golf course. These vehicles feature SA road requirement safety features as well as being fully customisable with solar panels, all weather covers, lockable trunk boxes, roof racks, battery watering systems and more.

First in South Africa to offer a Road Legal electric Commercial Van Utility, proudly built in South Africa being ideally suited for small town, campus, or inner city operation. This principle offering is that of lower speed commercial, easy access, light weight, low cost, van-body utility able to carry sufficient volume and light load to meet the needs of a small local delivery utility.

2 + 2 Golf

Cape Town-20120914-00813.jpg





Hi-Rise (SWB)



4 + 2 Seater

Cape Town-20121121-01035.jpg


Van Body



Hi-Rise (LWB)



All of the Homologated Road Legal models are NRCS inspected/tested and approved, Registered on the national Dept of Transport E-Natis system and Licensed as required and governed by the provisions of the National Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996 and the Regulations thereto (the “NRTA”) and the NRTA is a law of general application which governs all public roads within South Africa.

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