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Melex Li-Ion Solutions

Melex Electrovehicles approved Li-Ion battery packs have a usable lifespan of ten years at a third of the cost of traditional lead-acid packs !

We offer our Li-Ion 48V battery packs from 5kW to 8kW of storage for your electric cart, Utility or Bus that can directly replace the installed lead-acid packs that were traditionally the only available power capable replacement option.

Although Li-Ion batteries have recently become popular with static solar installations there have not been suitable high-power capable options available which in typical commercial electric vehicle applications such as farm utilities, can peak up to 400A at a time, or be able to cater for high in-rush regenerative loads.

Our Li-Ion LFP replacement packs and Li-Ion chargers are sized according to your vehicle applications, taking into account controller and motor requirements, and come with a 5 year warranty.

Based on a lifespan of 10 years our Li-Ion packs are able to provide not only the continuous power requirements needed but also:

  • Reduce the requirement to replace the batteries every 2 to 3 years, replacement period should be up to 10 years – major running cost savings

  • Quick charge or opportunistically charge during day or night at any time, for any length of time, without damaging the batteries.

  • Be able to run the Utility for longer time and distance during operational periods

  • Reduce the weight and improve the climbing ability of the Utility when compared to running with lead acid batteries –  124 to174kgs lighter depending on existing config

  • Reducing the weight of the vehicles will reduce the wear and tear on the vehicles for the drive trains, motor, brakes and tyres as well

  • No mess of acid, no water, no cable corrosion, no maintenance needed

This means that over a 10 year period our Li-Ion battery pack solution can cost 67% less that the equivalent Lead-acid pack costs.

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