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2+2 Road Legal Golf Cart
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2+2 Road Legal Golf Cart


NRCS and SA Transport approved 2+2 Seat Golf vehicle, featuring a 5kW AC drive and all additional safety features allowing road legal use, ideally suited to Golf and Lifestyle estates, campuses, small towns and coastal holiday towns.

This 2+2 seat Golf vehicle is perfect as a 2nd or 3rd vehicle for you holiday house or if you live on an estate or nearby to your golf course, allowing you to drive to the golf course, play golf, drive to the shops or drive to the beach. All this at a fuel cost of R0.26c/km vs a small petrol car such as a Hyundai i10 at R0.73c/km. This vehicle in standard configuration comes as a 2 + 2 seater with golf bag holder, all weather HF charger, seat belts for 4 passengers, 4 wheel hydraulic brakes with handbrake, laminated windscreen with electric wiper, instrument cluster, bull-bar, 2 seater roof, lights, indicators etc.

The Road legal Golf is fully customisable with solar panel, all weather covers, battery watering systems and more. Registration and licensing is the same as any other passenger vehicle and is subject to the same road rules and requirements and therefore able to be fully insured as a road going vehicle as opposed to asset insurance. And for estate owners this now gives you complete peace of mind should you be involved in an on-road accident with another vehicle where as non-road legal golf carts are not covered !


Battery 8 X Trojan T105 6V
Motor 5KW AC
Controller Curtis 1236
Passenger capacity 2+2
Range (loaded) based on flat road at a speed of 20km/h (km) 50 Km +-
Max. speed (km/h) 40
Minimum turning radius (m) 3.5
Max. climbing ability (loaded) 20%
Max. movement after brake &#x2264 4m
Overall dimensions(L*W*H) 2960x1200x1850mm
Max. loading weight 300kgs
Net weight 620kgs