Water Miser Battery Caps

Fits all U.S. Manufactured bayonet quarter-turn batteries

Water Misers are moulded plastic “flip-top” vent caps designed to reduce and ease maintenance on flooded Lead-Acid batteries., such as those used with Golf Carts, UPS/Inverters, Solar applications, Forklifts, Floor Scrubbers etc .

Battey CapWhen charging, the plastic pellets capture the moisture and acid droplets and the excess water is dropped back into the battery cell, thereby reducing your water loss by up to 80% per battery! This also reduces acid fumes, corrosion, and helps keep the battery tops much cleaner and dryer.

Benefits of Water Misers:

Water loss is reduced, which extends time between watering.

There is no need to remove vent-caps – just flip open for inspection and watering

Escaping gases, exiting through the moisture-return medium during the charging cycle carry fewer electrolyte laden droplets, assuring that cell electrolyte gravities are being better maintained.

Consistency of intended cell voltages and capacity characteristics are enhanced.

Tops of the batteries remain much drier.

Cell to cell and battery to equipment body-grounding is respectively reduced with the battery remaining much cleaner.

Note: With the incorporation of the flame and/or spark retardant Hydrophobic Cindered Disc the risk of externally initiated explosions, within the battery cells, are virtually eliminated.

Water Miser Battery Caps

Note – These are not the same as Hydrocaps. There are advantages and disadvantages to each:

Differences between Hydrocaps and Water Miser caps:

  1. Hydrocaps should be removed when equalizing, or they can get extremely hot and may be ruined. Water Misers can stay in place all the time.
  2. Hydrocaps re-combine the Oxygen and Hydrogen released by the battery while charging, reducing water loss up to 90%. Water Misers do not re-combine, but water loss is reduced by 50-80% by trapping fine water and acid particles. They also take up a lot less space above the battery. Since Hydrocaps must be removed when the batteries are being heavily charged you do not get the full benefit of recombining.
  3. Hydrocaps are more expensive – because they do more. Hydrocaps will not last forever, though – life will vary from 3 years to 8 years, depending on charge rates and how they are treated. If left on during battery equalization, they can be quickly used up and/or ruined.

Battey CapWe do not really recommend Hydrocaps for small systems, such as RV’s and golf carts as per item 3 above. They work fine, but they are a bit expensive, and they sit up rather high on the battery and are prone to damage. They are really meant for fixed installations.

To download the Water Miser 2000 brochure right click and save here. [797KB]