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Golf Course Fleet Rentals

Established in 1998 our Golf Course Rental Fleets are made available on annual contracts where we are able to offer a number of joint participatory and partnership models. This allows the Golf Course operator to remain focused on the smooth running of their operation and club while we are able to provide a permanent fleet of electric golf carts with on-site support and back-up.

This is accomplished through:

  • Sunlyn Rentals (Empowerdex AAA rating)
  • Alternative monthly per vehicle fee models
  • Fleet Maintenance outsource and on-site contracts
  • Damage and risk insurance options
  • On-site evaluations, programming and profiling
  • Fleet vehicle customisation and signage options
  • Consignment and on-site spares options for more remote locations
  • AGM maintenance-free battery options for fleets
  • GPS vehicle/asset tracking and on-line monitoring