New AC Drive System leads the way in golf car energy efficiency

Features and benefits include:

  • AC Drive: The AC drive train uses an alternating current motor, not the traditional direct current motor, generating more power and longer operating time between battery charges.
  • The AC drive system along with our High Frequency Charger is up to 39 percent more efficient than direct-current golf cars with the older Smart Charger, and its 48-volt technology enables up to a 10 percent improvement in daily range.
  • Environmentally friendly and improved operation: The AC powered models requires less energy to charge and operate, reducing the vehicle’s “carbon footprint”
  • Reduced Maintenance: The AC Motor is a “brushless” design which helps to significantly reduce motor maintenance requirements, runs cooler and has a longer life expectancy of 20% or more.

New SCE study results show significant increase in energy savings

(AUGUSTA, GA) – A recent independent analysis by utility Southern California Edison (SCE) demonstrated that the E-Z-GO electric golf car fitted with an AC Drive system and high-frequency QE charger is as much as 39 percent more energy efficient than traditional DC-powered golf cars. According to SCE’s results, energy efficiency improved by 31 percent to 39 percent with the AC powered electric model. The AC system also enabled the vehicle to maintain higher performance than it’s DC-powered equivalent as batteries lose energy over the course of a round.

“The new AC system has certainly changed how people look at a golf car,” said John Zimmers, superintendent at Oakmont Country Club in Oakmont, Penn. “They really thought this out. It’s an amenity, and a game-changer in how people are going to look at a golf-car fleet.”

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