Electric Scissor Lift Utility Vehicle
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Electric Scissor Lift Utility Vehicle


Ideally suited for maintenance work at airports, hangers and industrial parks where platform access is needed quickly and conveniently with minimum fuss and cost.

The vehicle features a 4 speed transmission with 3 kW motor and the platform is able to be raised by 6 metres, utilising it’s own 1.1 kW motor, with a load weight of up to 300kg.


Battery Trojan T105 x 8pcs (48V)
Vehicle Motor 3KW
Lift Motor 1.1KW
Passenger capacity 2
Range (loaded) based on flat road at a speed of 20km/h 60Km
Max. speed (km/h) 35
Minimum turning radius (m) 2.9
Max. climbing ability (loaded) 10%
Voltage 48V
Controller Curtis
Overall dimensions(L*W*H)(mm) 3475 x 1390 x 2150
Max. loading weight 300kg
Max. lifting height 6m