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Electric Tilt Dump Utility Vehicle
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Electric Tilt Dump Utility Vehicle


An ideal Resort workhorse utility with tilt/dump rear load bed ideally suited for bigger maintenance jobs. Using a 3 position dump angle switch, the rear bed can be raised up to a 45 deg tilt angle, ideal for utility use for building renovations, conference set-up and general maintenance. Load bay dimensions are: 1720x1070x250

This vehicle is eco-friendly, silent and able to be used after hours without intruding on guests.  


Voltage 48V
Passenger capacity 2
rangle(loaded) (km) 60
Max. speed (km/h) 30
min. turning radius(m) 4.5
climbing capacity 15%
Battery Trojan T105 x 8
Vehicle motor Power 4kW
Unloaded weight (kg) 1100
Loaded weight (kg) 1950
dimensions(L*W*H)(mm) 3550x1400x1810