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Electric 4WD Hi-Rise Runabout
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Electric 4WD Hi-Rise Runabout


Our electric 4WD off-road 4 seater vehicle is able to be used in the most demanding environments with front winch and a ground clearance of 320mm, ideal for game farms, or resorts where hunting, fishing, game spotting and watching are offered. Perfectly suited where eco-friendly, silent operation is a preference to enhance and compliment the guests experiences.


Battery Trojan T105 X 8
Motor 4kW x 2
Controller Curtis 1244 x 2
Brake system 4 wheel hydraulic disc brake
Accelerator Stepless speed change
Suspension system Front and rear independent suspension
Driving mode Front axle drive and rear axle drive (4×4)
Passenger capacity 4
Voltage (V) 48V
Range (loaded) based on flat road at a speed of 20km/h 60km
Max. speed (km/h) 40
Max. climbing ability (loaded) 30%
Wheelbase 1660mm(65inch)
Length 3030mm(119inch)
Width 1395mm(55inch)
Height 1990mm (78inch) for top without search light
Height 2225mm (87.5inch) for top with search light.
Dry Weight 770kgs(1698lbs)
Turning Radius 3.8m (150inch)
Ground Clearance 215mm (8.5inch) at rear end, 320mm(12.6inch) at brake oil pump
Clearance at center of frame 415mm(16inch)
Max. loading weight 400kgs(882lbs)