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30 Passenger Shuttle Bus
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Electric 30 Passenger Shuttle Bus


Our largest shuttle bus is able to carry 30 passengers with a 22 seating and 8 standing capacity. Ideally suited to campus and main link feeder routes with a range of up to 100 kms per day featuring front and rear exit doors, AGM maintenance-free batteries and a 48kW AC drive motor system.


Model 30 Passenger Shuttle Bus
Battery 56 x 6V (AGM battery)
Motor 48KW AC
Controller AC type, Series
Drive Configuration Models available in LHD and RHD
Passenger capacity 22 fixed seats + 8 standing space
Power/Voltage 336V
Range (loaded) based on flat road at a speed of 20km/h (km) 100
Max. speed (km/h) 60
Recommended max. speed to drive (km/h) 40
Consumed electricity per 100km ( KW.H) 24
Mini. Brake distance (m) at 20km/h 6
Minimum turning radius (m) 7
Overall dimension (mm) 6820 X 2240 X 2890
Max. climbing ability (loaded) 20%
Max. loading weight 1760kgs.
tare weight 5050kgs