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Our recommended brand offering for maintenance free batteries is Fullriver, one of the leading suppliers of VRLA (Valve regulated sealed Lead Acid) batteries in the global market since 1995. They are best known for their AGM construction deep cycle batteries.

Fullriver batteries are offered in a number of ranges being:

  • DC Series – Deep Cycle AGM construction Sealed Lead Acid
  • DCG Series – Deep Cycle Gel construction
  • HGL Series – General AGM batteries
  • HL Series – Gel batteries
  • HGHL Series – AGM batteries for high rate service
  • HGXL series – Gel 2V Stationary batteries
  • FAT Series – Front Access Terminal VRLA batteries
  • SPV Series – Special high rate AGM batteries for car audio applications

Download the advanced specifications for our DC series here. [38kb PDF]
Download the advanced specifications for our HGL series here. [51kb PDF]

Maintenace Free Batteries

We recommend the following batteries for the following applications:

  • Electric vehicles: DC Series (Deep Cycle)
  • UPS/Inverters: HGL Series, HGHL, HGXL
  • Solar applications: DC
  • Telecoms: FAT, HGXL
  • Marine: DC
  • Automotive: SPV, some DC series
  • Forklift traction applications: HGXL and DC


Note that for general automotive applications the new PC Series will be available soon!

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