Lifestyle and Security estates are a relatively new and rapidly growing phenomena in SA with development extending to private islands in the Seychelles and Madagascar more recently. Our range of Estate electric vehicles are ideally suited to provide our customers an efficient, cost effective, eco-friendly and non-obtrusive solution to getting around on their estates.

Our estate electric bubble car vehicles provide safety features along with comfort including windscreen wipers, full lighting and indicators, hydraulic/disc brake options, seat belts, rollover protection, radio/tape/CD sound, solar panel option, while being able to be configured with golf bag holder, cooler box etc for course attached estates.

Our eco-friendly road legal electric scooter offering caters for students commuting to college, popping down to the local shop or gym, or even dad commuting to work within a range of 60 kms +.

For those estates restricted to traditional golf only configurations our 4 seater forward facing model is ideal for the family estate runabout. As a cost effective power source for your estate property we are able to offer a plug-in golf car/inverter power solution using your electric vehicle to power your house when Eskom power is not available, as referenced in our Energy section.

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