Eco-Freindly Commuting

Eco-Friendly Commuting

Traditionally electric commuter vehicles have been classified as a “good idea” but little or nothing has been available due to a lack of economic or eco imperative and a lack of developed and commercially viable technology.

With the world-wide effects of visible global warming, rapidly spiralling oil and fuel prices, and international technology developments in automotive computer and battery hardware it is no longer a case of whether an electric commuter vehicle will be purchased in our lifetimes but when!

To address the immediate needs of an eco-friendly, cost effective, safe, efficient and comfortable commuter vehicle we are able to offer our range of attractive, retro-styled and modern electric scooters. Our Wispa range of electric scooters are ideal for commuting to university or your local workplace, the entry-level Wispa 3000 offering a range of 60 kms +, the Wispa 5000 offering a top speed of 100 kph, and all fully road legal.

With zero emissions and no fuel bill you can now wave goodbye to your favourite petrol attendant forever (or at least until you need to check your tyre pressures !)

Case Study

Eco-Friendly Commuting case study coming soon!

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