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4 Seater Campus Security Vehicle
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Full Specifications
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Electric 4 Seater Campus Security Vehicle


Our electric security patrol car provides an excellent visible presence and cost effective, efficient means of patrolling large areas quietly, outfitted with seat belts and safety features, loud hailer, spot lights, police lights and siren.

Available with optional infra-red and night vision camera surveillance pod.


Passenger capacity 4
Motor Power (KW) 4kW
Battery Voltage (V) 48V
Battery Quantity (pcs) Trojan battery T105 X 8PCS
Range (loaded) (km) 80
Controller Curtis 1204
Max. speed (km/h) 30
Minimum turning radius (m) 4
Max. climbing ability (loaded) 20%
Max. movement after brake <4m
Overall dimensions 3060x1400x2000mm
Max. loading weight 150kgs 360kgs
Net weight 680kgs