Our agricultural utility vehicles are purposefully adapted for SA off-road/farm conditions utilising the latest technology including Curtis Programmable controllers, powerful 4 kW and 5 kW ADC electric motors, regenerative and mechanical braking, Trojan deep cycle battery sets and optionally Fullriver AGM deep cycle maintenance free battery sets.

Ideally suited as a very low maintenance, safe, quad bike replacement utility where farm tasks require carrying more than 1 person along with equipment, supplies or even small livestock.

Operational cost savings over petrol and diesel vehicles are significant, especially with rapidly rising fuel costs:

  • fuel cost per km of 17c versus 75c per km for a 2.5L diesel bakkie
  • operating cost of R786 per month versus R2393 for 2.5L diesel bakkie (see featured article)

Our electric utilities actively demonstrate a commitment to eco-compliance providing an extremely small carbon footprint along with the eco-friendly benefits of zero pollution and near silent operation over an operational range of up to 80kms.

To help assist with calculating the carbon footprint benefit in replacing petrol and diesel powered vehicles please access our carbon calculator tool.

To help assist with calculating the total cost of ownership benefit in replacing petrol and diesel powered vehicles please access our operational cost of ownership calculator tool.

Case Study

Agriculture case study coming soon!

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